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Call for Resolutions

Deadline for Resolutions is Friday, May 12, 2023 at 4:30pm 

Community Health Services Association (Regina) Limited encourages members to submit Resolutions in writing to the Board of Directors prior to the Annual General Meeting so that they may be distributed to the members in advance.

Appendix A (Board Policy - Resolutions Appendix A)

Appendix B (Board Policy - Resolutions Appendix B)

Please submit your resolution (see forms below) by mail or email to:

Regina Community Clinic Governance Committee

1106 Winnipeg Street
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4P 3X5

Resolution Process and Resolution Form to be submitted (printable pdf)
Resolution Process – to be submitted to the Annual General Meeting
  1. Member(s) submit a resolution on the Resolution Form (Appendix B), or a document with the information included in the attached form, to the Governance Committee of the Board of Regina Community Clinic by the deadline. The deadline for submission will be announced and publicized with the notice of the Annual Meeting.

  2. The Governance Committee will call a meeting following the deadline to review all Resolutions for proper form and to determine if any clarification is needed. If further information is any revisions.

  3. The Governance Committee will determine if any similar submissions can be consolidated to a composite resolution, and to ensure that objectives stated in the Resolutions are in compliance with the Regina Community Clinic Bylaws and The Co-op Act.

  4. All Resolutions submitted to the Governance Committee will be forwarded to the Board at the regularly scheduled board meeting prior to the Annual General Meeting.

  5. All Resolutions submitted to the Governance Committee will be publicized to the membership in the Annual General Meeting package.