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Important Information For Our Patients

This page contains important information for our patients. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please submit your query through the  Contact Us option.


If you have had laboratory or imaging test performed recently, you will NOT be contacted with NORMAL results nor if further action is not required.

We will call only to notify you if any follow-up is necessary.

Results are not given by telephone.

Many results can on the MySaskHealthRecord site (see link at bottom of page) and is for your information only. These should not be interpreted as medical advice nor used as self-diagnosis. For medical advice, clarity, and diagnosis, please schedule an appointment with your family physician or nurse practitioner by calling 306 543 7880, option 3 - appointments. Or, book on line at:

RCC has a late patient policy that helps keep our physician and clinic schedules on time and helps to avoid a domino impact on other patients scheduled for that day. 

We recently reviewed and confirmed the policy: If late patients have missed more than ½ of their allotted appointment time (8 minutes into a 15 minute appointment, or 16 minutes into a 30 minute appointment), we will need to rebook their appointment. 

RCC staff will do their utmost to rebook patients as soon as possible.  Generally, it is recommended that patients arrive 15 minutes prior to their appointment to be certain not to have to rebook.  RCC staff are sympathetic to the challenges of life, but we also have to ensure our other patients are not impacted.

We prefer 24 hours' notice of cancellation. We realize illness, weather, or another emergency may prevent you from attending your appointment and contacting us to cancel within 24 hours. 

A "No Show" is someone who misses an appointment without cancelling.

The Regina Community Clinic offers a
24 HOUR CALL SERVICE (Available nights, weekends, and holidays)
After-hours emergency service is available nights, weekends, and holidays (one of our physicians is “on-call” during those times and will conduct an appointment by phone) 
If your problem cannot wait until regular office hours:
► Call the clinic. 
► The answering service will take your message and contact the doctor. 
► Call again IF you have not heard from the on-call doctor within 20 minutes.
► Don't go to a hospital Emergency Department until you have spoken to the on-call physician, unless you feel that a delay in receiving medical care will be life-threatening. This may save you the trip or a long wait in the Emergency Department.

We cannot accommodate patients’ wishes to change physicians within our physician group.

The clinic continues to uphold this long-standing policy developed by our physician group.

Our physicians’ practices are full. We offer a team-based approach: When a physician is away from the clinic, colleagues will cover for one another’s patients.

Patients must return to their primary provider once they have returned.