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We provide counselling for a broad range of symptoms and situations.

RCC's Counselling Program provides individual, family and couple counselling for a broad range of symptoms and situations.

Our goals are to assist clients with recovery from emotional distress, to support the development of fulfilling interpersonal relationships and social roles, and to facilitate improvements in the social and living conditions that effect a client’s health and well-being.

Counselling services are primarily delivered as individual therapy and on occasion, group programs are offered.

Mobile Crisis Helpline  

Emergency Crisis Hotlines  

Talk Suicide  

Helpful Links:

Shelters for victims of domestic violence:

Advocate for Children and Youth

Family Service Regina: Counselling, groups, and advocacy.

Saskatchewan Youth in Care and Custody Network. Supports youth, aged 14 to 24, in or from foster care/young offender systems.

Programs and information to help you understand your rights and if you are eligible to receive compensation as a victim of crime and/or abuse.

Psychological Safety:


 * COVID-19 Restrictions - The safety and wellbeing of everyone in the RCC community is our top priority as we continue to take proactive measures. 

We are working closely with our leadership team to enable more technologies so that clients can be in touch remotely. In order to adhere to social distancing guidelines and to keep our patients and staff safe, we will be conducting our counselling sessions over the phone.

Here are some links to provide you with information and mental health coping strategies.

Counselling services are available to patients of RCC, who have been referred by an RCC healthcare professional.

Counselling services are available to anyone who has a physician at the Regina Community Clinic. Generally, clients are seen on a first come, first serve basis, unless their physician has identified their referral as urgent.  The counsellors see clients who are age 5 or older.

There is no cost - counselling services are free of charge.

There is often a waiting list for counselling services. Clients are encouraged to use their EAP (Employee Assistance Program) while waiting to access our services. Should clients circumstances worsen, they should contact their physician in order for their referral status to be reassessed.

Counselling is a form of therapeutic partnership, where you and a counsellor discuss matters that are affecting you. Thinking of it as a form of consultation, both you and the counsellor conversationally attempt to understand the problems you face – a little like having a different perspective shared with you. Sometimes the counsellor might help you look into your past for examples on where the current problems first started. Sometimes the counsellor might help you look to the future to help you ponder about solutions that might help you.

It is a common misconception to think that only seriously ill people need counselling help. Studies show that over eighty percent of people can benefit from counselling at some time in their lives. It is normal to need counselling when special concerns or difficult feelings arise. Most people have a problem with anxiety, depression, stress, relationships, etc., at some point.

Our Counsellors

Lindsay Gareau
Lindsay Gareau


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Heather Davidson
Heather Davidson


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Please find answers to frequently asked questions about the Regina Community Clinic and our services below

A co-operative, by definition, is an organization with a willingness and ability to work with others. It is owned by and operated for the benefit of those using its services.

There are four co-operative community clinics in Saskatchewan that not only provide wholistic primary healthcare to meet the needs of all their patients but also have the capacity/flexibility to highlight specific healthcare needs and tailor their services to meet the needs of specific populations within their locality. 

The populations and health needs vary. These include Indigenous health, rural health, and refugee health. Co-operative community clinics provide are capable of offering care and services to the most vulnerable populations which are often over-looked in the mainstream healthcare system.

The goal is not only to provide care for the patients’ physical and mental health but also services to provide social services and the well-being of their communities. Co-operative community clinics offer social and education services and programs to their members, patients, and members of the community in which they are located.

The Regina Community Clinic is the only healthcare co-operative in southern Saskatchewan.

As a co-operative, members have input into the direction of the clinic via an elected Board of Directors.  All members have a vote at annual general meetings and can become board members.  There is a balanced approach to governance of these clinics: patients also have input and are partners in their healthcare.

Co-operative community clinics offer a fiscally efficient, integrated approach to healthcare. They have demonstrated savings within the healthcare system by curbing demands on the larger system, and providing more patient-focused care.

Community clinics are a working model of what the health system in Saskatchewan and across Canada is considering as an alternative of providing health care needs.

The Regina Community Clinic is a health care co-operative.

In order to participate in how this healthcare co-operative is run, you can purchase a membership.

You do not need a membership to use our services.

Please go to ABOUT US  - Benefits of Becoming a Member on this website for more information. 


To apply to become a New Patient, go to the main page then "Become a Patient" and fill out the online form. 

Please consider becoming a member of the clinic and we can keep you up to date on any new services and additional patient capacity when it becomes available.

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Our funding comes from Saskatchewan Health. We also receive financial support from individual donations to our Growth Fund for special events.

Co-operative community clinics offer a fiscally efficient, integrated approach to healthcare. They have demonstrated savings within the healthcare system by curbing demands on the larger system, and providing more patient-focused care.

Primary health services are generally the first point of contact and provide the basis to address the main health needs of individuals. Core programs include Health Promotion, Disease Prevention, Curative Care, Rehabilitative Care and Supportive Care.

The clinic serves a diverse clientele within the Regina area.

An appointment is necessary for most of our services. Do not hesitate to call if you have any questions.